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My Post Processing Techniques

* * * UPDATED MAY 2011

First off, I have to say... I rarely repeat the exact same method twice. There may be similar steps I use on each photo but not always in the same sequence. For me, the process is one of boundless exploration. As an artist, I find the post-processing as exciting as the actual photo-taking and can spend hours trying different effects, colors, etc.

Every week I receive many emails requesting information on how I process my images. Time doesn't allow for too many step-by-step tutorials anymore but I'm hoping that by sharing my low-resolution PSD files and sreenshots from time-to-time, they will shed some light and spark some creative ideas for you.

Please do not use the low-resolution images for anything other than your own informative use. They remain under my full ownership and copyright. Rather than pass the files along, I'd like to also request that you please send folks to my site to download their own files. Thank you!

Items recommended for testing these techniques:

- Software: Adobe Photoshop and LIghtroom (Trial Versions Here)
- Lots of Passion
- Your Vision & Creativity
- Time to "Play"



Each thumbnail below is a link to the post processing pages where you will find BEFORE & AFTER IMAGES as well as the PSD files to download. The exception to this is No. 2 which has step-by-step sreenshots to follow.

Emphasize Your Subject

Post Processing No. 1 - PSD File

PP1 demonstrates how to enhance washed out images and emphasize the main subject via a neutral background.

Create the Dramatic

Post Processing No. 2 - Screen Shots

Create the Dramatic...

PP2 demonstrates how to create dramatic darks and lights using gradient maps and plug-in filters.

Sharpen the Details

Post Processing No. 3 - PSD File

Sharpen the Detail...

PP3 demonstrates how to sharpen a specific part of an image while keeping backgrounds soft.

From Crummy to Creative

Post Processing No. 4 - PSD File

From Crummy to Creative

PP4 demonstrates how to take an ordinary photo from crummy to creative using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Before and After Post Processing Images

Before & After Images

Miscellaneous Examples

Viewers often ask to see the original files to compare the before and after. This section will accommodate those requests when possible.



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