The Man With Yellow Hair


the earth shuddered on the day you were elected for it knew
the world had lost a leader

the ravens croaked their warnings for they knew
 imminent danger was upon us

the trees trembled for they knew
you would cut down the very foundation from which this country had been built 

the animals scattered the first speech spoken from your mouth for they knew
only destructive, hate-filled fire would spew

the song birds flew for cover the first lies you told for they knew
a thousand more untruths would be furiously flung

the rivers rose and roared as you “cleaned the swamps” for they knew
your personal sewage would poison them

the landscape darkened as you pompously pranced upon her for she knew
you would molest her and leave her limp in despicable denial

the flowers wilted the day you spoke of walls & fences for they knew
blossoming dreams and dreamers would be viciously plucked of all hope 

the bears, wolves and coyotes hid as you massacred our sacred American principles for they knew
they too would be hunted down and killed 

the vultures circled as your congress remained shockingly silent for they knew
red meat would eventually be plentiful 

the wasteland you created waited for it knew
it would one day turn green and flourish again.

And so it was and will be, on the day the man with yellow hair leaves office and takes his tribe with him. 

. . . . . .

We are robust human beings with voices and a higher consciousness. There is no stopping the power of truth or the power of compassion. Hard times may linger but our thirst for justice will be quenched, our longings fulfilled. We will, one day, thrive again in this great country of the United States. 

. . .

Make your voice heard. Be compassionate. Be courageous. Stand up for what you believe. 


Vote locally, vote statewide and vote nationally. 

. . .

Never stop believing in the goodness of humanity.