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Nature Art Photography 

What feeds my soul and my art are the untouched, open spaces of nature…

...these are the places where one finds respite and restoration and feels connected to something larger than ourselves — the open space that encourages us to breathe deeply, look closely and listen intently to the roar of the ocean and the silence of the forest; the natural landscape that speaks of the ever-changing seasons and reminds us of our own cycles that are part of this ongoing, remarkable transformation. 

I seek places like this each day as I hike the coastline and mountain trails, taking photos of the beautiful Northern California terrain and bringing them back to my studio as inspiration for my art. It is my hope that these images will “take you away” for a brief moment… and in the moment, you’ll catch a glimpse of the mystery and magic and peace inside yourself.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

— Diane Varner

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All images are under the ownership and copyright of Diane Varner. If you wish to duplicate a photo or any content, please contact me to discuss it. Thank you!

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2019: Outdoor Photography Magazine, UK

Had the honor and privilege of having my photography work published in the February 2019 issue. Many thanks to the editor, Steve Watkins for the invitation and to Nick Smith who took my thoughts and wove them into an beautiful expression of my work.

Visit Outdoor Photography UK website for all issues and information on their gorgeous publication.

2017: An excellent comprehensive list of photoblogs and photography information. Honored to be included among many talented photographers.


2013:  International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition - 2nd Place - Portfolios (6 images) 

I also had the honor of having one of my portfolio images from my Immersed Memories Series used for the cover of this beautiful book:

International Garden Photographer of the Year: Collection 6



2012:  International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition - 3rd Place - Beauty of Plants


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All my images are shot in camera-raw and post-processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. My goal with each image is to fully express the essence of the subject at hand. By exploring and experimenting, I post-process the image as far as possible while attempting to maintain the original integrity of the shot. 

Camera Gear:

Post-Processing Software: 



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