An Autumn Week In Eastern Sierra With a Short Visit to Yosemite

One autumn day, an email came in from my friend and fellow photographer, Michael Seldin. After catching up on our lives and the state of affairs of the US, we both quickly gravitated towards the subject of our photography. Michael mentioned that he had been to Eastern Sierra and Death Valley a couple of times in 2018, and what a magical wonderland it is for photographers. With one look at his beautiful images, I quickly started researching and within a couple of weeks, my husband, Bob, and I were on our way there. We had missed the full bloom of the fall foliage but enjoyed the quiet and tranquil hikes that we had all to ourselves. We never made it down to Death Valley but instead went through the spectacular Tioga Pass and into Yosemite where I had the thrill of tracking a Great Grey Owl. It was indeed, a magical trip, and we have Michael to thank for sharing his enthusiasm and encouragement to visit this area.


The first day in Eastern Sierra, this young California Black Bear cub crossed the street right in front of me. I just happened to have my camera in hand as I was getting out of our car when Bob said, “Look at that!” It was exhilarating making eye contact and watching this young creature go about his day. *** By-the-way, it was Bob who often spotted the wildlife long before I did. Needless to say, we make a great team on so many levels.