The Face of Our Food

I believe every living creature deserves the respect and the right to live out their life in a humane way. I am not opposed to eating animals although I have personally chosen to limit my choices. What I am opposed to is having these animals live in conditions that cause pain, suffering and fear. I think most people would agree that we want the creatures we eat to have lived a humane life as possible.

Rather than advocating becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, I want to encourage compassion. I want each of us to recognize and remember that the meat we chose to eat were living animals before they come to rest on our plates —and that while alive, they do indeed have the basic needs, instincts and rights that so many of us have as human beings: 

  •  the instinct to do all that is needed to survive 
  •  the instinct to nurture and protect their young
  •  the need to find safe shelter
  •  the need to rest
  •  the need to freely move about (out of the bitter cold or the suffocating heat)
  •  the need to interact with their own kind
  •  the right to be free of inflicted pain
  •  the right to a humane death

It is my hope that we will honor the animals that we are eat by remembering them as living creatures. Perhaps if we remember, we will find the compassion and urgency to see that these animals are treated humanely. We do this not only for the animals but for our own health and well-being as well as the environment. We owe these animals this for they have given up their lives to nourish ours.

There are many ways to support humane treatment for animals, one of them being to only buy meat and support farmers and ranchers who are Certified Humane®.  Eat Wild has an incredible database of grass fed farms and ranches in the United States, Canada and a few international locations.

With great respect for all animals, I want to dedicate this project to them. I invite you to  take time to look deeply into their faces and remember.